County Eyes Multi-million Office Building Overhaul
Published: August 26th, 2019
By: Shawn Magrath

County eyes multi-million office building overhaul

NORWICH – The Chenango County Office Building may see a major face-lift as county officials continue to weigh options of a multi-million dollar overhaul of the facility.

County Buildings and Grounds Director Julie Gates met with county legislators last week to provide updates in the planning stages of the project which, if carried out to the construction phase, will result in extensive renovations to the 1960, 1975, and 1991 wings.

The county's contracted with the private engineering firm Barton and Loguidice for design. The company's currently coordinating efforts with Chenango County department heads to create a useful and efficient layout, said Gates.

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“We're hoping to keep the project under $10 million,” said County Board Chairman Lawrence Wilcox, adding doubts that a completely new building – which would cost local taxpayers an estimated $26 million – would prove any better.

The scope of the project goes far beyond minor renovations undertaken in 2014, when the county court system was relocated from the County Office Building to its current home in the Eaton Center. Rather than moving temporary walls, engineers are now looking at more permanent changes to the building blueprint. Plans include a complete gutting of the 1960s wing and upgrading the building's electric, windows, and airflow system. Workers will also have to remove spray-on asbestos in the ceiling that was originally added for fire protection.


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4 years ago
How about we take that 10 million and use 0.01% of it to hire a couple more DMV employees. Then maybe take 0.02% of it and create a 24/7 fast lane for turning in plates, registering vehicles, etc. No.. I think gutters and new windows will win over the tax payers. Everybody loves new gutters and windows!
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