Chenango County Justices Discuss Incredible Power Of Free Speech
Published: May 13th, 2019
By: Zachary Meseck

Chenango County Justices discuss incredible power of free speech

NORWICH – This year's Chenango County Law Day celebration honored a retired army veteran with the Liberty Bell Award and promoted the responsible use of free speech.

The event began at 1 p.m. Friday at the Chenango County Courthouse, and representatives of different aspects of the local legal system were present.

One of the speakers at the event, Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth A. Garry, discussed the importance and power of the United States Constitution, and the importance of using that responsibly.

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"I'm going to take a quote from Spiderman," said Garry. "With great power comes great responsibility."

She said the power of the constitution and of free speech has been proven time and time again in the United States legal system, but it has been challenged, sometimes for good reason.

"The first amendment ensures with very limited exceptions, the government does not punish or limit us in what we say, think, or write," said Gary. "Our constitution in fact, allows all sorts of unquestionably bad, indecent, even immoral behavior."

She said in a famous case, The Village of Skokie vs. The National Socialist Party of America, which occurred in 1978, the United States Supreme Court held that exercises of free speech are protected by the constitution.


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