Guilford Windmills To Stand At 650 Feet Tall
Published: May 8th, 2019
By: Zachary Meseck

Guilford windmills to stand at 650 feet tall

GUILFORD – The Guilford windmill project aims to build more than 20 massive windmills in the Town of Guilford. The construction of just a single wind turbine will take up 18 acres and be 13 times taller than the Chenango County Courthouse, standing at 650 feet.

The wind turbines will be discussed at tonight's Town of Guilford board meeting, as officials respond to public concerns.

According to the Calpine Corporation, the project is called "High Bridge Wind Farm." The company that would be building the wind turbines, the farm would be a 100 megawatt, utility-scale energy project that is proposed for eastern Chenango County in the Town of Guilford.

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The company said they would build between 25-30 wind turbines. They added that each turbine requires 18 acres of land for the area containing its foundation and the turbines stand at 650 feet tall, or more than 13 times the size of the Chenango County Courthouse.

A representative of the company said once the project is fully approved it would take approximately two-to-three months to complete.

Town of Guilford Supervisor George Seneck spoke about the windmill project, stating there were pros and cons to the project, and the town's goal is to keep everyone informed.


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