New Berlin Library To Spend $11,000 After Recent Water Damage
Published: April 18th, 2019
By: Zachary Meseck

New Berlin Library to spend $11,000 after recent water damage

NEW BERLIN – The New Berlin's Library recently faced water damage from a leaking radiator and officials say it'll cost around $11,000 to repair the damage and ensure it doesn't happen again.

New Berlin Library Treasurer Donna Wells spoke on the radiator leak at the Village of New Berlin Board Meeting on Tuesday, April 9, where Library Director Michele Priola is a trustee.

"We came in one morning and noticed that one radiator in the circulation room had sprung a small leak," said Wells. "We called a repair company, and they came in and capped it.

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"The next morning we came back to a flood."

She said the radiator after the one that had been capped blew, causing damage to irreplaceable books.

"If that happened again in the museum––those items are priceless," said Wells.

She added that with the village's permission, they would like to replace the 10 other radiators in the library that are showing signs of physical stress.


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