Akshar Releases Survey Results Related To Plastic Bag Ban, First Responders Bills
Published: April 18th, 2019
By: Grady Thompson

Akshar releases survey results related to plastic bag ban, first responders bills

52ND SENATE DISTRICT – Senator Fred Akshar released the results on his latest Community Voice Survey on Wednesday, with constituents of the 52nd Senate District weighing-in on the state's recently passed plastic bag ban and two pieces of legislation aimed at helping first responders and volunteer firefighters.

The first survey asked participants if they supported senate bill S1508-B, which would ban all plastic grocery bags and give counties the option to opt-in to collect tax on any alternative grocery bags sold in stores.

Of the 2,164 people in the 52nd Senate District who participated in the survey, 22 percent supported banning plastic grocery bags and taxing other carryout grocery bags. 37 percent of survey-takers supported banning plastic grocery bags, but opposed any additional taxes on carryout grocery bags.

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40 percent of people opposed banning plastic grocery as well as any additional taxes on bags; 2 percent opposed banning plastic grocery bags, but supported taxing carryout grocery bags.

A press release from Akshar's office noted that when the results are combined, the survey shows 59 percent of respondents support the plastic bag ban while 77 percent are opposed to any taxes or fees on the sale of other grocery bags.


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