Chobani Foundation Aims To Improve Childhood Nutrition In Chenango
Published: November 19th, 2018
By: Tyler Murphy

CHENANGO COUNTY – On Monday the Chobani Foundation announced a partnership with Wholesome Wave to help improve childhood nutrition in Chenango County and Twin Falls, Idaho.

Together, the Chobani Foundation and Wholesome Wave aim to address the challenge of access to quality, nutritious food by providing free fresh fruits and vegetables for six months to local families.

The Wholesome Wave partnership aligns with the Chobani Foundation’s long-standing commitment to improve childhood nutrition and wellness nationally, and its strong belief that naturally delicious and nutritious food should be accessible to everyone.

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The Chobani Foundation & Wholesome Wave partnership includes:

• 150 families in Chenango county and 150 families in Twin Falls will receive $60 per month to purchase fruit and vegetables through a reloadable Wholesome Wave Rewards card.

• Recipient families can use their cards, which work like a debit card, at participating local retailers.

• This program is made possible through the Wholesome Rx Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program, which provides free, fresh produce to families who have children that are at-risk due to diet-related disease or food insecurity.


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