Back To Defend: Bobcats Return To Glens Falls For A Shot At Second State Title
Published: November 16th, 2018
By: Meagan Schulz

Back to defend: Bobcats return to Glens Falls for a shot at second state title

GLENS FALLS – Last season they snuck up on teams through the New York State Volleyball tournament. This year, everyone knows about the Lady Bobcats from Bainbridge-Guilford.

After losing one senior to graduation at the end of their state title run, fans and community members began saying Bainbridge-Guilford could easily turn around and do it again in 2018.

“No, it’s absolutely not in the bag for us this year,” said Bobcats’ head coach Tami Selfridge in a preseason interview. “If any of my kids begin to think they don’t have to work as hard in practice or challenge ourselves each and everyday at practices to return to the finals, I will not be happy as their coach.”

Teams that faced B-G knew what they were getting when they stepped on the court this season: a very fundamental, talented group that played like a team, not individuals.

While the Bobcats do have standouts throughout the roster, it is what each player does for the team that has made Bainbridge-Guilford nearly unstoppable the past two seasons.

“Playing as a group is what gave us a state championship [in 2017],” said Selfridge. “We had so many girls that had a really good day and we will need that to continue if we want to repeat this weekend.”

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The goal for the Bobcats this season was not to win a title. It was to return back to the New York State Championships and defend their title.


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