Complete Election Results For Chenango County
Published: November 7th, 2018
By: Grady Thompson

Complete election results for Chenango County

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CHENANGO COUNTY - The preliminary results are in for the 2018 midterm elections in Chenango County and New York State. Chenango County Board of Elections officials note the results are unofficial.

15,936 people casted ballots in Chenango County in Tuesday's midterm, which is 3,700 more than the last midterm in 2014. The number falls short of the 20,319 voters in the county who casted ballots in the 2016 general election.

Chenango County Board of Elections Democratic Party Commissioner Carol Franklin said there were 1,384 absentee ballots casted for the midterm in the county, and the board has receive 1,105 so far. She noted that the number of absentee ballots in past elections rarely surpassed 1,000. Absentee ballots will be unsealed next week.

The unofficial results are listed below:

• New York State Governor and Lieutenant Governor: In Chenango County: Marc Molinaro and Julie Killian (R) 62.7 percent, Andrew M. Cuomo and Kathy C. Hochul (D) 29.62 percent, Larry Sharpe and Andrew C. Hollister (LIB) 4.73 percent, Howie Hawkins and Jia Lee (GRE) 1.63 percent, Stephanie A. Miner and Michael J. Volpe (SAM) 1.28 percent. In New York State: Cuomo and Hochul 57.7 percent, Molinaro and Killian 38 percent.

• New York State Comptroller: In Chenango County: Jonathan Trichter (R) 53.93 percent, Thomas P. DiNapoli (D) 43.79 percent, Mark Dunlea (GRE) 1.07 percent, Cruger E. Gallaudet (LIB) 1.19 percent. In New York State: DiNapoli 65 percent, Trichter 29.84 percent.

• New York State Attorney General: Keith Wofford (R) 60.29 percent, Letitia A. James (D) 36.21 percent, Christopher B. Garvey (LIB) 1.46 percent, Michael Sussman (GRE) 1.36 percent, Nancy B. Sliwa (REF) 0.64 percent. In New York State: James 60.9 percent, Wofford 33.14 percent.

• United States Senator: In Chenango County: Chele Chiavacci Farley (R) 55.98 percent, Kirsten E. Gillibrand (D) 43.97 percent. In New York State: Gillibrand 68.3 percent, Farley 31.7 percent.

• State Supreme Court Justice 6th Judicial District: In Chenango County: Joe McBride (R) 70.94 percent, Elizabeth A. Burns (D) 28.97 percent. In 6th Judicial District: McBride 51.1 percent, Burns 48.9 percent.

• Representative in Congress 22nd District: In Chenango County: Claudia Tenney (R) 56.17 percent, Anthony J. Brindisi (D) 43.67 percent. In 22nd District: Brindisi 50.3 percent, Tenney 49.7 percent.

• State Senate 51st District: In Chenango County: James L. Seward (R) 75.33 percent, Joyce St. George (D) 24.65 percent. In 51st District: Seward 64.4 percent, St. George 35.6 percent.

• State Senate 52nd District: In Chenango County: Frederick J. Akshar, II (R) 99.47 percent.


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