NYS Primary Day Voting Choices
Published: September 12th, 2018
By: Joe Angelino

NYS Primary Day voting choices

If you forgot to vote yesterday, you’re in luck, Primary Day voting actually takes place tomorrow. Not many folks think to vote on a Thursday, so here’s your reminder. The two-day delay is because the traditional Tuesday voting fell on September 11th, now known as Patriot Day, a time of remembrance of those killed seventeen years ago in the jetliner attacks on the United States. Another reason for the date change is the 11th is the second day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year Holiday.

This is the third time Primary Day has fallen on the 11th, and each time the state Legislature has moved Primary Day voting to a different date. In the year 2007, the primary was pushed back a full week to September 18, 2007. In 2012, like this year, the primary was moved to Thursday the 13th.

There is no County-wide office primary race this year. Even so, the GOP, Democratic and Reform Parties will ensure every town in Chenango County is voting for someone who wants to be on the ballot for various levels of government in the November General Election.

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The Democrats have an interesting state-wide primary choice with the race for lieutenant governor. The current lieutenant governor and Andrew Cuomo’s chosen running mate is Kathy Hochul from western New York’s Erie County. She is expected to have sharp competition from New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams. This could set up a governing pair of two people who didn’t run together wielding power as the number one and two in state government. I don’t know if or when that has ever happened in the Empire State.

Of course, the governor himself has some competition from within his own party. Actress Cynthia Nixon has the coveted Number 1 spot on the Democratic primary ballot tomorrow. Ms. Nixon has tugged Governor Cuomo way, way to the left on just about every issue which has upset some old-time Democratic Party members. That’s why former Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, a Democrat, has decided to run for Governor as an Independent. She herself said she hopes she’s a spoiler for Andrew Cuomo’s election ambitions.

Closer to home, the Town of McDonough has a Republican primary for town clerk with two ladies facing off; Shirley Cook and Pamela Streichert as the choices for GOP voters. But the Republican primary most watched locally is that for the 122nd Assembly District. Current Assemblyman Cliff Crouch is being challenged by political neophyte Nick Libous.

Thankfully, the assembly candidates spared us from an onslaught of back-to-back television adverts which is an example we wish all the congressional candidates would follow. However, Nick filled Republican mailboxes with some negative postcards which would normally be reserved for candidates from the opposing party, not directed at someone within his own conference. That’s what happens when a candidate has no political history to run upon and can only attack the opponent.

My front lawn has a “Crouch for Assembly” sign displayed and here’s why; he is the best choice for our Assembly representative. Expounding further, Mr. Crouch has been an acquaintance for several years, starting when he was the Town Supervisor for Bainbridge and his selection as the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors for Chenango County. Our contact then was cordial and professional.

After my retirement, Mr. Crouch asked me if I could assist him in his home district while he conducted business as a legislator in Albany. This is when I came to know Cliff as a genuine and down-to-earth person I’m proud to call a friend. In travels all over the 122nd Assembly District, and beyond, I found Cliff’s reputation is one most politicians could only wish for.

The current composition of the NYS Assembly is 150 Democrats, 41 Republicans, and one independent. Many of those 150 Democrats are from the downstate and the New York City region. While in that minority of 41, Assemblyman Crouch is our respected voice who preaches the rural values which we live by in our upstate district. A voice that ensures our collective conscience is heard at the State Capitol. If you are able to vote in tomorrow’s Primary, I urge you to vote for Clifford Crouch.