Ralph A. Bove 40th Anniversary And First Communion

By: Frank Speziale

Ralph A. Bove 40th anniversary and First Communion

St. Paul’s and St. Bartholomew’s churches held its 2018 First Communion on Saturday, May 19. Sophia Bell, Joseph Attanasio, Ozma Chavez, Brooks Boland, Claire Dunn, Gavin Burrell, Maria Miranda, James Collins, Raeley Patterson, Noah Eddy, Kerragan Reid, Joseph Parker, Ashley Vargas, and Aaron Parmar were the First Holy Communicants. Father Ralph A. Bove and Deacon Dave Kirsch were offered thanks at the event, along with the Communicants’ teachers, parents, the church organist and choir, and the Knights of Columbus. Father Ralph was joined by church members to celebrate his 40th anniversary of ordination on Sunday, May 25 at St. Paul’s Church. (Frank Speziale photos)


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