Coventry Town Museum To Host Locksmithing Presentation
Published: May 28th, 2018

COVENTRYVILLE – The public is invited to visit the Coventryville Congregational Church on Tuesday at 6 p.m. for a presentation by certified master locksmiths and locksmith historians, David and Christopher Jungermann.

From the museum’s community meeting room, the Jungermanns will present “The Craft of Locksmithing from Biblical Babylonia, the early United States, the Industrial age and 21st century digital innovations,” with a focus on locksmithing in central New York.

Coventry Town Museum Association President Janine E. Hakim said, “Attention to everyone living in our part of the state of New York: come find out about, and celebrate, the long line of Master Craftsmen Locksmiths from New York. The pre-industrial wood working and metalworking locksmiths, industrial innovators and digital visionaries who have been “a key part” of the founding, securing, economic development of our communities, and our industries that have also lifted the history and economy of our nation.”

Attendees are asked to please bring older locks, keys, and small safes – or pictures of them – to get them appraised, learn their history and how to restore and maintain them.

David and Christopher Jungermann’s presentation will include: a pop-up-museum display wall exhibition of photographs, drawings, maps and documents and a timeline highlighting the world, US history and local history of Locksmithing. Included will be photographs David has taken when he was working, or on a field trip, and uncovered industrial and preindustrial locks keys, safes and vaults.


The Evening Sun

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