UV School Board Reviews $12 Million Construction Project

By: Zachary Meseck

UV School Board reviews $12 million construction project

NEW BERLIN – The Unadilla Valley School Board met on Monday to review the results of its more than $12 million investment in infrastructure and to discuss plans for future programs.

On June 24, 2016, the school began phase one of its construction process with a borrowing budget of $12,840,000. After consulting King and King Architects and Riordan Management Company, the school realized that it wouldn't need the full amount to make the upgrades.

With approximately $3,000,000 in reserve, and the ability to return $250,000, Unadilla Valley Security Administrator Mike Brown said the school will still need to pay back around $9,000,000.

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Riordan Management Company Speaker Frank Walczak explained, “There is still a remainder of $241,214 in the school's favor, and at this point about 99 percent of the construction has been completed."

All of the money borrowed by the school will be paid by state aid, and any money that isn't used will be returned to the lending company.

During a presentation to the board, Walczak discussed the improvements his company made on the school including the replacement of the school’s three water pumps. According to the Walczak, two of the school's old pumps had failed prior to their replacement, and if the third had followed suit then they would have needed to momentarily close the school.

"Without water the school closes, and that is nothing any of us want. Fortunately we were able to replace the pump set, and now we've built a platform to help keep moisture away from the pump set as well," said Walczak.

With all three pumps operational, Walczak said that the school can draw water in cycles ensuring better pressure and a longer life expectancy from its upgraded water system.


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