Norwich Rite-Aid Changes Ownership To Walgreens
Published: February 16th, 2018
By: Zachary Meseck

Norwich Rite-Aid changes ownership to Walgreens

NORWICH – After a three year long process, Walgreens has taken ownership of the Norwich Rite-Aid, and many customers have questions about what comes next.

Rite-Aid Public Relations Manager Ashley Flowers has offered some answers on what customers can expect in the future.

Flowers said that since Rite-Aid began negotiations they had received concerned comments from customers about topics like insurance and changing coverage.

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"At first most people seemed worried," she said, "But they seem to feel considerably better after finding out what the changes will be."

One concern of customers' is how the prescription medication process will be handled by Walgreens, but Flowers assures that new prescriptions being filled at the transferred Rite-Aid stores will feel just as smooth as always.


The Evening Sun

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