Wounded Warrior: Chris McGinnis
Published: November 10th, 2017
By: Meagan Schulz

Wounded Warrior: Chris McGinnis

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CHENANGO COUNTY – Growing up as a part of the Bainbridge-Guilford athletic world, Chris McGinnis was an outstanding athlete in every sport he participated in. I would always read his name in the paper, whether it was a fall Monday morning, or the day following a game during basketball season.

When Chris graduated high school, he contiuned his football career in Rochester at St. John Fisher College, a highly respected program at the NCAA Division-III level. I looked for him after games as I went to an Empire 8 Conference rival, Alfred University.

Chris moved on from college and enlisted in the military in 2010, when he became a member of the United States Army.

“I decided to join the military because my mom was always a giving person I can remember growing up and still is today; she would give the shirt off her back to anyone whether she knew you or not. So, for me I didn’t want to be average and wanted to follow in my moms footsteps and give back to not only her and my family but others. What better way to do that than to pledge myself to defend this country and everyone in it?” said McGinnis.

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In 2013, McGinnis was deployed to Afghanistan and spent eight and half months there. It was on this tour that is knee injury occurred. 


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