Gilbertsville Major's Inn To Hold Annual Christmas Bazaar This Weekend
Published: November 8th, 2017
By: Hannah Benjamin

Gilbertsville Major's Inn to hold annual Christmas Bazaar this weekend

GILBERTSVILLE – Keeping with a 34 year tradition, The Major's Inn in Gilbertsville will hold its annual Christmas Bazaar this weekend to benefit the many projects to restore the historic landmark.

Executive Director of The Major's Inn Foundation Cece Rowe says the annual event is always held with one goal in mind; raising funds to preserve the iconic building for future generations to enjoy. Since 1983, Rowe has put her heart and soul into restoring the once dilapidated landmark.

Rowe says the fundraiser is a big deal because it's the last one before the Inn closes for the season until April. "This is what will get us through the winter with things like insurance. The funds go for maintenance mostly. People don't realize, but this is like a household with all the same bills, like electric and insurance."

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Last year, the money raised went towards replacing slate all around the building. "We replaced over 2,000 pieces of slate, but all the valleys in [the Inn] are damaged, and they are causing severe damage to rooms that we already had finished. Repairing those will be our next project."


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