Meagan Schulz Named Evening Sun Sports Editor
Published: October 31st, 2017
By: Richard Snyder

Meagan Schulz named Evening Sun Sports Editor

Richard Snyder, Publisher of the Evening Sun has announced that Meagan Schulz is moving up from her current position as Associate Sports Editor to her new role as Evening Sun Sports Editor.

Meagan will be replacing Cameron Turner who moved to North Carolina back in late August. Cameron continued remotely as editor while Meagan learned the ropes until he began his new position in NC. If time allows, you may see Cameron’s name on our sports pages as a contributor.

While we are thankful for the outstanding contribution that Cameron has made to the newspaper we are excited to have had Meagan waiting in the wings and now ascending to her new position..

Meagan is a lifelong Norwich resident who excelled in three sports at Norwich High School and continued her basketball career at Alfred University for three seasons.

Returning home from living in Memphis, TN, Meagan is happy to have landed this position. Her previous job was working with the Memphis Grizzlies, an NBA basketball team, where she worked in the communications/public relations department.

“My role with the Grizzlies, although not planned, help to prepared me for this career as The Evening Sun Sports Editor,” said Schulz. “I loved the opportunity I had in Memphis as basketball is the first game I fell in love with but sports are my passion and I couldn’t be happier to be able to write for the paper I used to read when I was growing up.”

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Meagan has already worked with many area coaches and is looking forward to reaching out to all others as their respective sports start to grace the sports pages in upcoming seasons.

You can contact Meagan at