The All American BMX Team Comes Out Of Race-filled Weekend With Podium Wins
Published: October 27th, 2017
By: Meagan Schulz

The All American BMX team comes out of race-filled weekend with podium wins

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ENDICOTT – Last Friday, October 20, the Norwich based All American BMX team travelled to race at Endicott’s Grippen Park with coach Dave Lawson.

Friday Night’s results:

• Chase Brightman 3rd in Balance Bike Class

 • Noel White 1st in 8 novice class

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• Amon Oliver 2nd in 8 novice class

• Camryn ‘Crazy Legs’ Searfoss 3rd in 8 novice class

• Liam ‘Bad to the Bone’ Ballin 3rd in 9 novice class

• Liam White 1st in 9 novice class


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