Rogers Haunted Hill To Bring Fright And Delight This Weekend
Published: October 17th, 2017
By: Grady Thompson

Rogers Haunted Hill to bring fright and delight this weekend

PLYMOUTH – For the 14th year, the Rogers family is proud to present to the public Rogers Haunted Hill: a spooky staple in Plymouth attracting roughly 1,000 people yearly to two evenings of fright and delight.

This Friday and Saturday from 7 p.m. until the last people in line have gone through, the Rogers family and 50 of their volunteers will treat attendees to a tour of their haunted hill in the woods.

"At night time, it's like a whole new world up here," said Debbie Rogers, one of the event's organizers. "It takes a lot of work but I love it. We have a lot of people that get really, really scared."

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Every autumn the Rogers family begins constructing its haunted hill several weeks in advance to the event, each year adding more and more to be frightful of than the year before.

"Every year we just keep adding more, people hate it," laughed Debbie Rogers. "Like a girl I work with said, 'You know I'll be there, but, God, I hate it.'"

The haunted hill consists of around 20 different rooms constructed in the woods that five tour guides walk attendees through.

On average, Debbie Rogers says each room has two people in it to add to the fright––but just when and how the people in Rogers Haunted Hill choose to scare attendees is a mystery from room to room.

"I like having people in every room," said Debbie Rogers. "By the time you're scared, you're maybe halfway through, and people are like, 'can we go now?' Nope!"

Bev Rogers, Debbie's mother, first started Rogers Haunted Hill 17 years ago in a barn for her grandchildren and close friends. As the event grew in popularity with the Rogers family and friends, they opened it to the public and moved it outdoors to the woods, expanding the haunted hill with every year.

Admission to Rogers Haunted Hill is 7 dollars, and children five and under are free. Although open to all ages, the Rogers family advises parents to use their best discretion on if their children are fit to attend.

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"We do have people back out sometimes if they hear the screams, and we have no problem giving their money back if they want it," said Bev Rogers.

The event will commence rain or shine and attendees are advised to dress appropriately for the weather.

There will also be snacks and refreshments for sale in the waiting line, including hot apple cider, hot cocoa, pretzels, popcorn, hotdogs, and chili.

"We're not in it for the money, we're just in it to have a good time," said Debbie Rogers. "I love it."

Whether it squeaks, slithers, or wears a big red nose and big shoes, the Rogers family has it included in their haunted hill.

"At the end of it there's a tunnel people walk through and they're done, and some people will run straight through the tunnel and down to the road," said Debbie Rogers. "We do have a porta potty this year so people can pee, instead of peeing their pants."

Rogers Haunted Hill is located on Hopkins Crandall Road in Smyrna. Attendees are asked to park on the road and walk up the hill where the Rogers Haunted Hill sign is placed.