Hornets Finish Winless Season As Trojans Survive The Hornet Nest
Published: October 13th, 2017
By: Cameron Turner

HARPURSVILLE – The Harpursville Hornets volleyball team has struggled in 2017, but when it came to their Thursday night match-up with Greene, the Hornets gave it their all in an attempt at taking that ever-so sought-after win.

This effort fell short on Thursday; an effort that moves Harpursville-Afton’s 2017 volleyball team to the dreaded 0-10 mark.

Greene came to town and after conquering the fight in Harpursville-Afton, the Trojans were able to take the 3-0 win.

But with a 25-23 final score, Greene jumped to the 1-0 lead. The fight was gone and with it, went the lone chance that the Hornets had at securing a win in the regular season.


The Evening Sun

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