All American BMX Team Finishes Third At New York State Finals
Published: October 13th, 2017
By: Cameron Turner

All American BMX team finishes third at New York State finals

SHOREHAM – After heading nearly five hours south, the All American BMX team of Norwich made good on their trip to Long Island when they returned home with a third-place finish as a team at the New York State finals.

Four of the five All American teammates received state plates in their respective classes en route to the team pulling out the third-place ranking.


• Ethan ‘Big Air’ Willis, second-place in 8 intermediate state point

• Carter Davenport, fifth-place in 9 expert state points

• Patrick ‘The Beast’ White, seventh-place in 11 intermediate state points • Timmy White, seventh-place in 9 novice state points

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Notably, Vinny Rapid Redline Lawson came up short of his state plate, respectfully finishing fourth in state points.

During the Friday, October 6, pre-race, the All American BMX Team scored some solid first round results, while at Shoreham.


Friday’s State Pre-Race results:

• Timmy White, third-place in 9 novice class

• Ethan ‘Big Air’ Willis, fourth-place in 8 intermediate

• Patrick ‘The Beast’ White, DNQ in 11 intermediate class and third-place in cruiser class


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