Lady Marauders End 2017 With A Second Half Win
Published: October 13th, 2017
By: Meagan Schulz

Lady Marauders end 2017 with a second half win

SHERBURNE – Sherburne-Earlville had already topped Canastota this season with an overtime win. They looked for the same result as the two teams faced each other on Thursday for the Marauders senior night celebration.

Tessa Cole and Amberlyn Robertson each found the back of the night for the marauders as they took down Canistota for the second time to season.

S-E had their chances in the first half with two crosses from Corey Jeffery but nothing came from those offensive attempts. The contest finished the first half with no score for either team, setting up the possible overtime repeat from their first meeting.

That was until Robertson took a high arcing shot. The shot was so high that Canastota’s keeper thought the ball was going over the crossbar. But to the keeper surprise Robertson’s shot fell right below in roll down the back of the net for the marauders first goal of the game.

At 28:37 left in the game, Canastota’s McKenzie Tolen took a cleared Marauders’ corner and started a fast break towards her goal. All that was left between Tolen and the goal was Sherburne-Earlville’s McKenzie Holmes. Tolen fired it past a pressuring Holmes and the ball rolled into the corner of the net, tying it 1-1.


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