Hundreds Gather For ‘Trail Of Truth’ On Overdose Awareness Day
Published: August 25th, 2017
By: Ashley Babbitt

Hundreds gather for ‘Trail of Truth’ on overdose awareness day

BINGHAMTON – Hundreds gathered to march in the ‘Trail of Truth’ in memory of their loved ones as part of international overdose awareness day.

Family members continued their grieving process and were able to obtain further information about Truth Pharm, an organization designed to reduce the stigma about addiction, inform the public about what they can do to help, and push for legislative changes.

“He was 28,” Founder Alexis Pleus said in a previous interview with The Evening Sun. “He passed away from an overdose last year.” She added that her son was outgoing, was involved in sports, and was very giving. “He was super popular, loved the ladies, and was a body builder. He finished college. But, in high school he got a sports injury and received Oxycontin and became addicted … I didn’t even know.”

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Pleus said she was not sure when it was that he made the switch from pills to heroin.

With regard to losing a child, Pleus said, “It’s something no one can prepare you for. ‘I can’t imagine,’ people say. No, they can’t.”

“What we lose is not our past, or his story, we lose the future,” said Pleus. “We can’t help but think what they were going to be like. Who were they going to marry? Were they going to have kids?”

Pleus continued, “In everything you do, you’re missing your child. Every single dinner, holiday, trip … he’s not there with me.”


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