All American BMX Has Stayed Busy In June
Published: June 21st, 2017
By: Cameron Turner

All American BMX has stayed busy in June

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NORWICH – The month of June has kept the All American BMX riders busy, to say the least. However, despite racing five races – one being a two-day race – over the past three weekends, the enthusiasm just continues to grow.

And with the enthusiasm from the riders growing, so does their collection of trophies.

On Friday, June 2, All American BMX team headed down to Grippen Park BMX for a Friday night showdown.

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Grippen Park BMX, June 2, results:

• Vinny ‘Rapid Redline’ Lawson, second-place in 8 intermediate class

• Degan Endress, second-place in 8 novice class

• Ethan ‘Big Air Willis’, first-place in 8 intermediate class

• Amon Oliver, fourth-place in 8 novice class

• Cameron Carnachan, third-place in 8 novice class

The very next day, on Saturday, June 3, the All American BMX team departed for Horseheads BMX for a Saturday and Sunday race – to complete the weekend adventures. This race in Horseheads was the Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race.

Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race, June 3, results:

• Timmy White 3rd in 8 novice class

• Vinny Rapid Redline Lawson 1st in 8 intermediate class

• Patrick White 1st in 11 novice class and 1st in cruiser class

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• Andrew Lawrence 3rd in 8 intermediate class and 3rd in cruiser class.

Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race, June 4, results:

• Patrick White, fourth-place in cruiser class

• Timmy White, third-place in 8 novice class


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