Vestal Declaws Hellcats In 25-2 Thrashing
Published: June 21st, 2017

Robert Jeffrey

Sun Sports Contributor

NORWICH – In local legion baseball action, the offensive juggernaut of the Vestal Legion squad knocked around the Chenango Hellcats senior legion team – making good upon 19 hits for 25 runs in a shortened four inning game.

The woes of the Hellcats were made early on as the visitors drew five hits, and four walks in the first 1/3 of the game, creating an incredible offensive display by scoring 12 runs in that time span and 13 runs total in the first inning alone. Combine that offensive effort early on and another 12 runs were amassed by the visitors over the following three innings.

And yet where does this offensive firepower come from in such a talented area as Binghamton, New York?

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For those with short memories, reflect upon the recent New York State baseball championships held across that area and recall the one team that from the Southern Tier Athletic Conference that won a baseball title? Ah yes, if you guessed the Vestal Golden Bears, you’re right.

And with a roster chock full of offensive and defensive talent, every batter an opponent faces – which in this case was the Hellcats – it’s guaranteed they’re going to be a tough out.


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