Red Nose Day Held At UV Elementary School Last Week
Published: May 30th, 2017

Red Nose Day held at UV Elementary School last week

NEW BERLIN- On Wednesday May 24, Unadilla Valley Elementary School participated in Red Nose Day in efforts to give back to the community.

Red Nose Day began in England in 1988 by a non-profit group, Comic Relief, as a way to raise money for disadvantaged children. The project was launched in the United States in 2015 with the same mission – to help children. ]The Red Nose, a goofy foam circle to be worn on one’s nose, is a kid-friendly prop which uses entertainment to raise awareness. In the United States, some of the examples which benefit from the fund-raising are Boys and Girls Clubs, food banks, housing assistance and educational programs.

At the Unadilla Valley Elementary School, Pre-K teacher Marilyn Newland and Kathy Prosking, a third grade teacher aid, decided that Red Nose Day should be introduced to the school. Helping others is a very important part of what the children are taught at school, Newland explained. We want to instill in them that there is more than self. Knowing there is a need for food all year long, not just at the holidays, Newland and Prosking decided that the Morning Program on May 24 would be a Red Nose Day and the students would be encouraged to collect food to donate to the Unadilla Valley Food Pantry in New Berlin.


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