Churches Join Together For First Communion
Published: May 9th, 2017
By: Frank Speziale

Churches join together for First Communion

Frank Speziale Photos

Above are photos from the Church of Saint Bartholomew and Church of Saint Paul’s First Communion 2017. The First Holy Communicants this year are: Sophia Duquela, Sarina Bell, Emma Colosi, Arabella Ho, Addison Marinelli, Brynn Meek, Morina Patterson, Kathryn Renneker, Camryn Searfoss, CJ Calderon, Vincent Lawson, Alex Koterba, Collin Reid, Thaddeus Treffeisen, Wyeth Stafford, Edison White and Ethan Willis. Clergy include Rev. Ralph A. Bove, Deacon Tim McNerney and Deacon Dave Kirsh. Educators include Sister Bart, Mrs. Currie and Mr. Genung.