Senator Akshar Announces New Community Outreach Program
Published: March 14th, 2017

Senator Akshar announces new community outreach program

Senator Fred Akshar, Broome County Sheriff David Harder and Children's Home of Wyoming Conference (CHOWC) CEO George Dermody announced a new outreach program that partners local law enforcement with children's community activity programs throughout Broome County.

The program aims to foster positive relationships between the children, students, faculty and staff at the CHOWC and the law enforcement community by building those relationships based on outreach activities ranging from neighborhood clean-up days, bicycle safety lectures, group hiking trips, mentoring, canine demonstrations, planting gardens and preparing meals together.

“One of the best parts of my previous career in law enforcement was developing the friendships and positive relationships with the people in our community whom I proudly served,” said Senator Fred Akshar. “Our community is blessed with a positive relationship with local law enforcement, and it's important we continue and improve that relationship for generations to come. This program will help strengthen our local families' trust and familiarity with law enforcement through communication, personal contact and positive shared experiences.”

Participation from Broome County Sheriff's deputies is completely voluntary, but the first few activities posted at the Sheriff's Office bulletin board just this week have already attracted several volunteer sign-ups.


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