Police Urge Public To Double Check Cash Due To ‘fake Movie Prop Money’ Circulating
Published: March 13th, 2017
By: Ashley Babbitt

Police urge public to double check cash due to ‘fake movie prop money’ circulating

OXFORD – The Oxford Police Department is urging people and businesses to double check cash before making and accepting purchases due to a report of fake money in circulation.

According to Police Chief Richard Nolan, there has been a report of “fake movie prop money” being passed around.

Nolan said that one business along North Canal Street has fallen victim and accepted the currency, which he noted closely resembles actual money.

“We first started seeing the motion picture money on March 6,” said Nolan. “One of our convenience stores is the first one that was hit.”

Nolan said, “The bills look really good on the front except for the fact it says on the upper right-hand area of the bills that this is for ‘Motion Picture Use Only.’”


The Evening Sun

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