The Media Is Engaged In Fraud

By: Tom Morgan

Let’s look at a bit of fraud this week. Most of the info comes courtesy of Bill O’Reilly.

​Recently immigration officers – ICE – collared about 680 undocumented aliens. In one big sweep nationwide. These were mostly crooks. Or sidekicks of crooks. Crooks who had committed crimes in the U.S. And mostly felonies.

Most of these birds had convictions for homicide, rape, sexual abuses, drug running, assault, etc.

​What was the reaction? Explosion of indignation.

On CNN a state senator from California said “What took place yesterday…is part of the cog of the Trump deportation machine.” MSNBC found an attorney who cried “…how inhumane this is, to be breaking down people’s doors and separating parents from their children.”

Also on MSNBC, an Arizona congressman wailed “This is Donald Trump really executing his campaign plan. He is trying to be a tough guy, so he will go after, you know, the maids, the moms, the people that are working in the shops instead of going after the hard-core criminals.”

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O’Reilly’s crew could find no headlines in major newspapers that mentioned a key fact. That the raids targeted bad guys. Illegal aliens who had committed serious crimes.

Then O’Reilly ran a clip of President Obama. In it he says we need a system that catches aliens who are criminals. And once we catch them we should deport them quickly.

A few more items to consider: ICE says this sweep is pretty much business as usual. It cited guidelines from Trump. They were very similar to those from Obama in 2011.

Also: Last year ICE conducted 18 “surges” similar to this one. One Obama surge netted 2000 people over a few days.

Do you remember outrage from media and politicians over these surges?

Now, imagine if Trump announces tomorrow he plans to deport up to 36,000 illegals a month. Do you suppose that would set off alarm bells with Big Media? You know it would.

Yet that is how many illegals the Obama administration deported in 2013. About 36,000 per month! (Ask yourself: How many must there be in this country if we ship out 434,000 in a year?)

If you don’t trust a lot of what you hear from politicians, who could blame you? If you don’t trust a lot of what you get from Big Media, who could blame you?

These politicians knew they were lying to the public. And these media outlets had to know. It would have taken them five minutes research to know.

What we have here is far worse than bias. It is far worse than a lean to the left. This is outright fraud. You are being fed garbage. CNN and MSNBC should consider new visual symbols for their networks: Dumpsters.

Many Americans watch only one news source. Most of those who read newspapers read only one. They may be aware of bias in the news. But they figure the bias can’t be that bad, right? Right.

Is it too much for us to ask that Big Media at least come close to truth in their reporting?

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Years ago we scoffed at media behind the Iron Curtain. We belittled the likes of Pravda when it lied to Soviets. Lied to folks who had nowhere else to turn for news. Today we scorn media in North Korea and Cuba. When they churn out dishonest propaganda.

Well, suppose a Cuban tells you some of your politicians lie to you. And your Big Media lie to you. How should you answer?

In Korean the word is something like “Jeojileun.” In Spanish it is “Culpable”. In English it is “Guilty!”


From Tom…as in Morgan


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