Career Night For Crawford As Oxford Smashes Through Afton On Senior Night
Published: February 10th, 2017
By: Cameron Turner

Career night for Crawford as Oxford smashes through Afton on senior night

OXFORD – The Oxford Blackhawks boys varsity basketball team simply took advantage of the Crimson Knights – as the senior heavy Blackhawks dominated Afton for a 62-37 win.

Oxford celebrated the contributions of their six graduating seniors: Danny Woodford, Stephen Ehly, Austin Crawford, Rece Camadine, Frank Brophy, and Adhi Viswanthan – prior to the start of the game on Feb. 8.

However, Afton was in no hurry to complete the celebrations, as a total annihilation was what they were forced to play through in Oxford on Wednesday.

The Blackhawks were playing with vigor, they defended their home court one last time on the season, for what proved to be a beat-down from the get-go – as Oxford jumped out to a 24-8 lead after just the first eight minutes.

The Oxford offense supercharged by their eight three-point balls that found their way home in the game – impressively for the Blackhawks six of those shots happened right in the first period – as senior Austin Crawford laid it all on the line when he shot four three-pointers in the first with teammate Jason Davis grabbing two of his own.

Oxford was not able to sustain the high-intensity shooting to close out the half, but would see solid defense in the second once again, as they matched Afton 9-9 going into the half for a 33-17 lead.


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