Waterville Drowns Marauders 53-45
Published: January 30th, 2017

By Robert Jeffrey

Sun Sports Contributor

WATERVILLE- The old saying goes ‘if you win the second half-you win the game.’ In some rare cases this doesn’t always happen, but the girls varsity basketball team from Sherburne-Earlville can definitely attest to this statement, as they suffered a loss to the Indians of Waterville, getting outscored in the second half 27-19.

The first period of play saw the visiting Marauders invade the Indian’s gym exploding for an 18 points in the first eight minutes of action.

The Indians proving they were equal to the task rallied 15 points of their own to keep the game within a manageable three point deficit. Despite an incredible offensive display in the first quarter, S-E would fail to equal a similar offensive output for the remainder of the game. This type of credit can go to the defense by the Indians making the visiting Marauder team earn their points from the free-throw line.

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However, as the Marauders would find out in the second half-they were unable to cash-in on their freebies from the charity stripe. Led by their defense, Waterville tightened the game to a stand-still with a 26-26 score as both teams went to the locker room with the final 16 minutes still to play.


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