Akshar And Staff To Continue, Expand Community Survey Trend
Published: January 19th, 2017
By: Matthew White

Akshar and staff to continue, expand community survey trend

Senator Fred Akshar this week released his latest Community Voice Survey online and via mail to poll the community on various issues facing constituents across the 52nd Senate District.

“Throughout my first year at my new job, I've tried to be as open and accessible as possible,” said Senator Fred Akshar. “I've traveled across the 52nd Senate District and listened to as many folks as I could. The only way for us to be successful as a community is if our elected officials listen.”

Next week, nearly 70,000 households across the 52nd District will be receiving the survey in the mail, which can also be returned via mail after completion. Any resident who hasn't received the survey can also complete it online at Akshar.NYSenate.Gov.

Survey questions cover a wide array of topics, from Workers' Compensation reform to reclassifying crimes that target police, firefighters and other emergency services workers as hate crimes.


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