Schoolyard Sugaring: A Maple Syrup Contest
Published: January 11th, 2017
By: Grady Thompson

Schoolyard Sugaring: A maple syrup contest

NEW YORK – On January 10, New York Agriculture in the Classroom at Cornell University in conjunction with the New York State Maple Foundation announced the launching of 'Schoolyard Sugaring': a maple syrup contest for classes pre-k through 12 across the state.

Teachers are invited to register their classes in the contest as an opportunity to learn about the maple industry and compete for a $250 prize. The sap-to-syrup process is said to integrate elements of science, social studies, math, and ELA, and has been deemed an educational experience for all who choose to participate.

Classrooms that register will be paired with a local maple producer that will help guide students through the syrup-making process.


The Evening Sun

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