DVD Patrol: Actor Spotlight: Jason Statham
Published: December 2nd, 2016
By: Todd Campbell

Let's see what we've got, Patrollers! Once in a while the Toddster likes to take an actor and spotlight some really good movies. We thought we would bring back an old favorite with actor Jason Statham. He's been busy in the last few years after joining franchises like "The Fast and Furious" series, "The Transporter Trilogy", and "The Expendables." The patrol recently profiled "Mechanic: Resurrection" and had a great idea to bring some Holiday gift ideas with this actor in mind. All of these movies can be found on DVD shelves now.

DVD Movie Spotlight

Parker- Even a bad guy can have a code. Parker (Statham) was always a thief and was really good at his job. One thing that always helped him was operated a certain way. On his latest job, he helps out a crew to rob a state fair of all their cash. The job goes well but they have other plans for the loot including Parker's cut. They wound him and leave him for dead. What they don't know is Parker has will to survive like no other. He learns that they are headed to Miami to rob a shipment of Diamonds. With the help of Leslie Rodgers (Jennifer Lopez), he finds out where they are and hatches a plan to get back what was stolen from him. Can he stop them in time?


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