Sports Editor's Note: Correction, New Evening Sun Football Contest Winner
Published: November 9th, 2016
By: Cameron Turner

Due to the delayed delivery of postmarked, on-time mail to The Evening Sun, this week's winner of The Evening Sun's Football Contest was announced as Jean Tyler of New Berlin, with 17 games chosen correctly. When in fact, Alan Ingerto of Smyrna is the correct winner of this week's prize with 17 games correctly chosen. Ingerto's submission of 17 correct games did in fact best Tyler's, as Ingerto guessed Wake Forest to defeat Virginia 21-17 – total of 38 points – while Tyler guessed Wake Forest to defeat Virginia 31-27 – total of 58 points. Ingerto's guess of 38 points makes him closer to the actual score of the game which ended with Wake Forest winning 27-20 – for 47 total points. A writeup will appear on The Evening Sun's Sports Editors blog at a later date, with results and a brief summary of the weeks games.

Weekly game results: 1. Alabama 2. USC 3. BYU 4. Georgia 5. San Diego State 6. Ohio State 7. Penn State 8. Texas 9. Old Dominion 10. New Mexico 11. North Carolina 12. Lions 13. Dolphins 14. Panthers 15. Raiders 16. Ravens 17. Giants 18. Colts 19. Chargers 20. Chiefs. Tie-breaker: Wake Forest defeated Virginia by a score of 27-20.