Football Contest Results
Published: October 25th, 2016
By: Cameron Turner

This week's winner is Janice M. Coleman, of Norwich with 15 correct games chosen. Coleman won straight out as the sole contestant to correctly choose 15 games in a week of many upsets.

Weekly game results: 1. Norwich 2. North Texas 3. Louisville 4. Syracuse 5. Auburn 6. Wisconsin 7. Alabama 8. Utah 9. Penn State 10. Washington State 11. LSU 12. Colts 13. Seahawks or Cardinals 14. Patriots 15. Lions 16. Eagles 17. Giants 18. Jets 19.Dolphins 20. Chargers. Tie-breaker: Broncos defeated Texans 27- 9.

Sports Editors Note: Due to the tie in the Cardinals and Seahawks game in the NFL, everyone received a win for that game. Notably, the mail has been arriving slightly late, hopefully this has been corrected and no on-time post-marked entries arrive later on in the day, Oct, 25.