Evening Sun: Football Contest Results
Published: October 19th, 2016
By: Cameron Turner

Sports Editor's Note: CORRECTION New Evening Sun Football Contest Winner

Due to the delayed delivery of postmarked, on-time mail to The Evening Sun, this week's winner of The Evening Sun's Football Contest was announced as Jay Ingerto of Smyrna, with 14 games chosen correctly. When in fact, Logan Smith of Norwich is the correct winner of this week's prize with a correct 15 games chosen, making them the outright winner. A writeup will appear on The Evening Sun's Sports Editors blog at a later date, with results and a brief summary of the weeks games.

Weekly game results: 1. Chenango Forks 2. Oxford 3. Greene 4. Holland-Patent 5. Bainbridge- Guilford 6. Walton 7. Alabama 8. North Carolina 9. Arkansas 10. Ohio State 11. Army 12. Syracuse 13. Stanford 14. Redskins 15. Patriots 16. Giants 17. Texans 18. Seahawks 19. Titans 20. Chiefs. Tie-breaker: Washington State defeated UCLA 27- 21.