Colleges Have Lost Opposing Viewpoints
Published: October 18th, 2016
By: Tom Morgan

Here is a pitiful situation. The College Fix organization told us recently that Cornell University has no registered Republicans among the faculty in 11 of its academic departments. Not a single Republican. And faculty donations to the politicians? About 96 percent to Democrats.

In response, Cornell issued the following joke: “Political affiliation has no role in our faculty recruitment or promotion processes, and it never will.”

Of course many universities are totally prejudiced against conservative and Republican academics. When they apply. When they try to achieve tenure. The evidence is too overwhelming to ignore.

Ask a conservative prof “Are you a conservative?”

He will close the door. Shut down all computers. Pull the plug on phones. Suggest you look behind the third maple tree in a park away from the campus at midnight. There, you will find a printed note in a capsule: “The answer to your question is yes. Now eat this note.”

Too many academics have had their clothes ruined. With Merlot “accidently slopped” down their fronts after they let slip they landed at Reagan. Or live on Nixon Drive.

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My brother taught at a big state university. It had about 40 profs in its political science department. Any conservatives? “Better not be,” he told me. “Not in the open, if they know what’s good for their careers.”

This really is a pity. For the students. For the country. For academics who don’t toe the party line. We’ve become like the old Soviet Union in this respect.


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