Punching The Clock: Gilbertsville Quilting Show
Published: October 5th, 2016
By: Kieran Coffey

Punching the Clock: Gilbertsville Quilting Show

GILBERTSVILLE – As a part of The Evening Sun's Punching the Clock series, which we are partaking in during manufacturing week, I paid a visit to the Major's Inn, in Gilbertsville, where the 22nd annual quilting show will be held this year.

Many people may not know about the hard work and extreme dedication that it takes in order to produce a quality quilt.

Lucy Kise, one of the organizers of the annual show, explained to myself, some of the important elements that a quality quilt should have. “The fabric, picking your design, and assembly (are important),” she said.

She conveyed that if someone were to work on an average quilt for a bed, it could take a few weeks, or even a month to finish. Wall hanging quilts may be easier for beginners, such as myself, as they can be completed within a few days. Lucy also told me that the quilts can either be handmade or machine-made.


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