Barn Burner In UV Leads To Fifth Set Win For Storm Volleyball On The Back Of Nogaret
Published: September 21st, 2016
By: Cameron Turner

UNADILLA – The Unadilla Valley varsity girls volleyball team has indeed seen their toughest opponent to date in 2016.

Toughest opponent or not, to the lady Storm did not back down as they eventually prevailed over Unatego earning the tantalizing win at 3-2.

Down 2-1 in sets and with their perfect season on the line, Unadilla Valley would bump, set and spike their way to an amazing win at 3-1, closing out the final two sets with victories.

Unadilla Valley would seem to be in the drivers seat early on, after fighting their way in the very first set to a 25-22 win. However, Unatego would reverse that score in the second set dropping UV a set in the match at 25-22 in favor of Unatego.

Unatego would then proceed to extend that 1-1 tie, to a 2-1 lead when they dropped the Storm another set in the third at a score of 25-18.


The Evening Sun

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