Gardening At Chenango Valley Home
Published: September 1st, 2016

Gardening at Chenango Valley Home

NORWICH – Chenango Valley Home is one of the “little gems” of Chenango County as well as our Norwich community. There is a great deal of pride and grace that comes from working with and around people with such vast accumulated knowledge and life experiences. The sheer pleasure and education you receive if you listen and pay attention to what your elders have to offer is immeasurable.

A good example of this would be resident master gardener Carmen Bucalo. Carmen is well remembered by the Norwich Farmers Market as Carmen was a long time participant with his home grown bounty of fresh vegetables. Who knew that so much could be grown so quickly, efficiently and successfully? And then consumed at mealtime at the home?

Carmen was interested in getting involved with the small garden projects that the assisted living facility had, and discussed great ideas for building raised beds for lettuce, spinach, carrots and beets. He also said the facility could till the back area behind the parking lot for beans, squash, tomatoes and more. So, with his master instruction and guidance, the maintanence crew got to work. Carmen made sure the most important ingridient was not forgotten – a lot of TLC. Wonderful food followed, and continues every day. Every morning the home makes a fresh broth with garden vegetables, sweet potato and herbs that residents are able to consume with their main meal. It aides in digestion and adds vitamins and minerals to their diet.


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