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Published: August 31st, 2016

Online Poll Results

A new one comes and an old one fails and we are left with yet another empty building 

It's nice to have choices

The Grand Union couldn't make it there and that field just floods. This is stupid.

Competition is always good for the consumer, the other stores, if necessary, will have to step up their ads, Which as of recent review are getting a bit stale. Bring 'em on

Free commerce, more stores are okay, they are supposed to have excellent produce at good prices. 

I am thrilled they are coming to Norwich.  I have shopped at their stores in Oneonta and Binghamton.  The products are excellent and cost savings are very significant.  

Because Aldi's is the best grocery store for products and price.  I live in the north end of town and the convenience will be awesome too!!  I hate Walmart, prices are way too high at Price Chopper, and Tops never was on my radar.  Sav-A-Lot is good for some things which I think unfortunately think will compete with Aldi's.  Unfortunate because they are local and that is the only negative I have to say!

It's about time a grocery store will be located at the North end of town. It's been a long time.

Already have enough Grocery Stores


We live on North end of Norwich and used to shop in the "Jamesway" plaza grocery store. Really miss it.

i only wish that the store was to be built in the City of Norwich where residents can walk;  RIte Aid would have been the perfect location;  competitive pricing will be helpful to our residents as will more selection; i have heard nothing but good things about Aldi's; disappointed the City of Norwich did not do a better job trying to locate them within the City where Aldi's would pay taxes - that is a story you should explore - i would like to read about that !!  

I surely hope that they build it KNOWING that it may be flooded. The parking lot requires a lot of work. I hate getting wet feet due to pot-holes.I thinks it's a great idea, gives Walmart competition & draws traffic away from the main area of town. Walmart has a 13% mark up on certain items from others Walmart's in the southern tier.

Competition can be healthy. I am for it as long as they don't get any tax breaks.

The north end of town will be convenient for those living at Bordentown, as well as people, out of town who don't want to go all the way into or thru Norwich. I have missed have a grocery there, since Gr. American closed years ago.

Aldi will bring something unique to Norwich and Chenango County.  The only concern I have is will the "welfare crowd" understand the shopping cart protocol of using a token or quarter and not removing the carts from the store parking lot.  

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