Colorscape Chenango Pays Unique Homage To Longtime Director
Published: August 26th, 2016
By: Matthew White

NORWICH – As thousands as out of towners mingle with locals during this year's 22nd annual Colorscape Chenango Arts and Music Festival, a familiar sight will hang an updated shingle in honor of the Festivals former long-time Director, Peggy Finnegan.

Formerly known simply as “West Park Stage,” and arguably the center of the Colorscape scene for more than two decades; the stage will now be aptly known as “Peggy's Stage.”

The recent dedication by Colorscape Chenango board members comes on the heels of Finnegan's 22-year commitment to Colorscape.

“The Colorscape Board of Directors wanted to honor our longtime, outgoing Executive Director,” said Board President Melissa DeCordova in a release.

“Throughout the festival’s 22 years, she has pretty much had her hand in all aspects of Colorscape Chenango. From fundraising, public relations, publicity, and graphic design, to contracting with music and culinary vendors and managing the artists, Peggy has kept the festival growing strong, and for many, many years did so as a volunteer.”

From early on at the organizations first meeting in 1993,Finnegan has been working in the service of Colorscape. A volunteer “runner” for Founding Director Julie Borden during the first festival in 1995, Finnegan secured a position as Visual Arts Coordinator, later joining the Board in 1996.

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“This was a learn-as-you-go experience,” said Peggy, “since I don’t believe I’d ever even attended an art festival. I had a lot of help, however, and I felt I’d found my niche.”


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