Tee-off For ChaseHealth
Published: August 11th, 2016

NEW BERLIN - For the past 80 years Chase has been a part of the New Berlin Community, first as a rural hospital and for the last 45 years a skilled and rehabilitation center up on the hill known as ChaseHealth. ChaseHealth is also the first nursing home in the nation to bring animals, plants, and children into the skilled setting in 1992, known nationwide as “The Eden Project” currently known as ChaseHealth Life Focus.

Being the only not for profit independent skilled nursing home in a three county area there are times when we ask for the community’s assistance as funds can be difficult to come by for the “extras” such as comfortable noninstitutionalized furniture, recreational and leisure opportunities, computers for residents to use to maintain contact with their family members who live a distance, televisions, etc.


The Evening Sun

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