Team Bysiek Completes The Cycle
Published: July 13th, 2016
By: Cameron Turner

Team Bysiek  completes the cycle

NORWICH – With the completion ofNorwich's 21st Gus Macker three on three basketball tournament, the culmination of a much larger accomplish was also done so in the process.

Team Bysiek CPA consisting of brothers Ed and Mike Bysiek as well as their longtime friends Phil Valenti, and Steve Lampedusa made the trip with their families from Olean New York, to compete in the mens 35-39 age bracket.

Notably for Bysiek CPA – who have been competing in Macker tournaments since 2007 – The Norwich Gus Macker tournament was the last remaining Macker tournament in New York State that they had not won a championship at, at least once.

Needless to say, Bysiek CPA would successfully completed the cycle of New York Macker's, claiming the crown this past weekend.

“It wasn't easy, however. We lost our first game, which meant we had to win seven straight without a loss to complete the comeback,” said Ed.

Ed added in an interview prior to competing in the Norwich Macker that he and his family specifically were interested to see what the Norwich community had to offer. As part of the allure for them of each separate tournament they travel to, was the “specific flavor” the community and local set of volunteers added.

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“It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed what Norwich had to offer. Throw in a fireworks display and a quaint bed and breakfast (Splendor Inn, highly recommend), and it was a great weekend for the whole family,” said Ed.

Now that Bysiek CPA has competed in and officially won at least once at each New York tournament, one may think they would slow down on the competition side. However, Ed explained that they have possibly three more Macker's to compete in this summer alone, while also contemplating a trip down to North Carolina to compete in the inaugural Huntersville Gus Macker tournament.

“Some guys do golf or softball to stay in touch (with friends from college) we do Gus Macker basketball,” said Ed in a prior interview. “I have been trying to talk my wife into playing in one (Macker) sooner or later, but someone has to watch the kids. The kids are a little too young still. I have a son who is four and twin daughters who are two. It fits right into the whole family atmosphere that Macker tries to promote. So I can see us keeping this going, I don’t know how many years I have got left. I'd like to think I have five or ten, but at that point we'll be transitioning into the kids playing, instead of just trying to go out and try to relive our own glory days.”

Until time eventually proves to be the champion, and the children are old enough to compete, Bysiek CPA shows no signs of slowing down just yet.

We hope to be back next year,” said Ed.