Local Boy Battling Cancer To Be Beneficiary Of NYCM Insurance Contest At Annual Gus Macker Tournament
Published: July 9th, 2016
By: Kieran Coffey

Local boy battling cancer to be beneficiary of NYCM Insurance Contest at annual Gus Macker tournament

NORWICH – The 21st annual Gus Macker Basketball Tournament will be held in Norwich, beginning this Saturday, July 9. According to their website, The Gus Macker three-on-three Basketball Tournament is designed so that anyone can play: male or female, young and old, short and tall, the most experienced or no experience at all. This maintains the purity and integrity of the driveway game.

This definition is the driving force behind what one local business hopes to achieve during this year's edition of the tournament in Norwich.

At this year's tournament, New York Central Mutual Insurance, a property and casualty insurance company located in Central New York, will be hosting a contest to benefit a young boy battling cancer and his family.

Cameron Naubereit, a local 4-year-old boy battling cancer, will receive all of the profits from a 'trifecta contest' hosted by NYCM Insurance. Cameron is just like any other kid his age. He enjoys watching Paw Patrol and riding his John Deere Gator. He has not yet started pre-school, but is planning to do so if all goes well this summer with his condition.

Cameron was diagnosed with non-germinoma brain cancer on Feb. 28, 2016. He had completed four chemo treatments when an MRI showed that the tumor was continuing to grow. It was decided that surgery was necessary.

Cameron had an eight-hour surgery on June 14, 2016, where a biopsy showed that he had a mixed tumor. The cancer is in remission; however, growing teratoma syndrome had caused the growth of the tumor. A follow-up MRI did confirm that doctors had removed the entire tumor.

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After the surgery, Cameron continued with his last two chemo treatments and eight weeks of radiation. Because of the length of the surgery, and the position of the tumor, he is having some issues with his eyesight, but it is hoped that this will only be temporary.

Jeremy Robinson, who is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at NYCM explained how the company learned of Cameron's plight, “Cameron's grandmother, Lynne Robertson, is an agent that works for Gates Cole Insurance, who is licensed to write policies with NYCM Insurance,” he said. “When the team at NYCM Insurance heard about Cameron's condition, we reached out to Lynne to see how we could step in to help.”

The 'trifecta contest' will revolve around entrants attempting to successfully complete a free throw, a 3-point shot, and a half-court shot in less than 30 seconds. Five successful participants will then be picked at random to complete the 'Trifecta' a second time for a chance to win $1,000 from NYCM Insurance.

Contestants of all ages can donate to enter the Trifecta Contest. “There are no age limits to the competition, and there are no separate age brackets. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to try to make the three shots,” said Robinson. “We are asking for a $1 donation to enter the competition, however any monetary donations are greatly appreciated.”

In addition to the donations from entrants, NYCM will be matching the amount of donations given at the end of the contest.

Cameron’s family have said that there is still a long road ahead, but so many of their prayes have already been answered.