County Calls For Change In DMV Revenue Sharing
Published: May 3rd, 2016
By: Shawn Magrath

CHENANGO COUNTY – County leaders are making a case to increase the county’s share of revenue that’s collected through the local Department of Motor Vehicles.

A resolution calling for an increase in the share of revenue that all counties retain for providing state DMV services was passed by the Chenango County Board of Supervisors last month, putting pressure on state legislatures to restructure the way DMV collections are divvied between state and local entities.

Currently, New York State takes 87.3 percent of all fines, fees and penalties collected from the Chenango County DMV. The remaining 21.7 percent is retained by the county.

The problem is that the county hasn’t seen an increase in DMV revenues in the past 17 years, even though the workload of the local DMV office has escelated and more stress has been put on the county to stay under the tax cap, according to county officials.


The Evening Sun

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