Itís time to get rid of the IRS

Whew! Tax deadline day has passed. To honor that glorious day, a request: All in favor of destroying the IRS, please raise your hand. Wow! Look at that sea of hands. Some of you have raised both hands. I donít blame you. Especially those who are surrendering.

Getting rid of the IRS is a great idea. From the many hands I see, I guess you agree. Few in Washington would have the guts to do it. Or even propose it. But it is a good idea.

I guess Ted Cruz suggests getting rid of it. But most Americans donít take the idea seriously. They figure it cannot be done.

That is a pity. Because the IRS is a curse on this nation. A blight. For many it is a monster that hounds and harasses. For others it is merely a migraine. Merely. Yet we donít need it. We truly do not.

We have this immense economy. We need to bleed it to get money to run the country. So we sic leeches to the area of the economy known as incomes. Hence our income tax.

We could sic leeches on other parts of the economy. Instead of on incomes. That would allow us to deep six the IRS. This would make the lives of most Americans simpler. It would allow the government to sack a lot of expensive bureaucrats. It would reduce the volume of lies in the country. (Most tax returns are collections of lies, from teensies to whoppers. Catholic priests used to do big business in their confessionals at this time of year.)

If we demolished the IRS a majority of us would save money, oh boy. The money we now spend for tax advice. H&R Block would lower its flags to half-mast. To mourn its own demise.

Most of us would save many hours of labor we put in on our tax returns. Millions of dogs and their ribs would rejoice. Because we would no longer kick them for chomping the receipts we cannot find. Countless arguments and buckets of surliness would no longer visit our homes.

Killing off the IRS is not a pipe dream. Imagine if we closed it tomorrow. Just closed it. Where would we get the money to run the government? The money we used to get via IRS leeches?

How about we tax consumption? We levy taxes on everything we buy. Period. That is, we replace taxes on incomes. We replace them with taxes on what we spend.

If you worry about our poor having to pay tax, you should not. They donít pay income tax now. Nearly half of us pay no income tax. If we had a consumption tax, yes they would pay some tax. But if the tax on necessities was low, they would pay little.

The people who would pay the most would be those who spent the most. Doesnít that sound like a fair tax system to you?

Now some would say that crooked folks would avoid paying taxes on what they buy. By buying stuff under the table. On the black market.

Iím sure some crooks would do that. But do you suppose we might just have the odd crook or two who cheats on taxes in our current system?

Sure, we would need to set up mechanisms to stream the consumption tax to Washington. But they would be tiny. Compared to the monster of a machine we call the IRS they would.

My point is that we could get rid of the IRS. We could cleanse our lives of this monster. We could end the spending of hundreds of billions of hours and dollars on tax reporting.

And we could do it by merely tapping a different artery in the body of our economy.

Under our current system our big earners pay most of what goes to Washington. If we taxed spending, the picture would be about the same. Big earners are big spenders.

So we would collect the money we need to run the government. But we would save ourselves a lot of headaches, arguments, lies, ulcers, curses and sleepless nights. Letís just say we could deduct all of these things.

And our dogs would sleep better on April nights.

From TomÖas in Morgan.

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