DVD Patrol: Countdown, Standoff, The Forest

By: Todd Campbell

We have a lot of action for this one, Patrollers! The DVD Patrol has brought some DVDS in for this week with a little drama and a whole lot of action. Included is also another adventure with Batman and Superman bu more on that one later. Pick out what you want.

New on DVD

The Forest (2016) - What do you do if someone you love goes missing? Sara and Jess (Natalie Dormer in a dual role) were identical twins and they could always sense when the other one was in trouble. Jess decided to go on a trip to Japan and she went to a forest that was believed to be haunted. After some time has passed, Sara was becoming worried and had not heard from Jess. Sara takes the trip to Japan to find her and learned about the last place she had visited. She learned all she could about it but decided that everything she had learned were just stories. She had been told to stay on the path after she was given permission to go into the forest. Sara begins to see that what she thought were stories weren't stories at all. Can Sara find her sister and find a way to beat the forces against her? If you're a "Game of Thrones" fan, Dormer can be seen on the show starting on HBO soon.

Standoff- It's never wrong when a person has to defend the place they call home. Carter (Thomas Jane) came home from war and just wanted to be left alone. He's been trying to come to terms with it ever since he returned. He may have a chance to get it together. He meets a young girl who has witnessed a murder. Not long after, a mysterious figure named Sade (Lawrence Fishburne) shows up to try and take her down. Carter might have have something to say about that. Can he save her from Sade? Fishburne can currently be seen in "Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice" still in theaters.

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Also on DVD

Countdown (2016) - There may be those who question the way you might do your job but you know you get the job done nonetheless. Ray (Dolph Ziggler) was a cop and was good at his job but was not exactly a people person. That doesn't change the fact he's had 6 partners in 2 years. He's going to have to find a way to get along because a young boy has been kidnapped and he has only 6 hours to find him. Ray will have to find his way through a WWE live event if he is to save him. Can Ray do it before his time runs out? Another wrestler that Ziggler works with is Randy Orton. Orton can be seen in "The Condemned 2" now available on DVD in stores now.

Justice League Vs Teen Titans- Sometimes doing the right thing isn't always doing the right thing. Batman has been training his son Damian to be the new Robin. After a mission doesn't go the way he had planned, Batman feels that Damian might need to get a little help with his social skills. He decides to place him in the Teen Titans where he meets Raven, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, and Starfire. What no one knows is Raven has a secret and that she is the daughter of an Underworld demon named Trigon. Now Trigon wants to use her to conquer the Earth and the Justice League learns about it. They believe that she is dangerous and needs to be taken away to keep the World safe. Damian and the Titans think she would be safer with them. To make matters even worse, Trigon uses his forces to possess the Justice League. It's going to take the combined power of all the Titans to stop them. Are they up to the challenge? Batman returns to take on the Joker in "The Killing Joke" set for release on DVD this Summer.

Some good ones for you to choose from. More DVDS are coming for next time. The Toddster will be in for you next week.


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