4-H Brings Programming To Unadilla Valley
Published: March 10th, 2016
By: Shawn Magrath

4-H brings  programming to Unadilla Valley

NEW BERLIN – Jumping at the chance to make 4-H programming available to more schools and communities, 4-H of Chenango County is broadening its outreach to the Unadilla Valley Central School Districts starting this month.

According to 4-H Coordinator Janet Pfromm, hopes are to make 4-H programs available to UV students within the next two weeks.

“We were looking to expand our 4-H after school programming and get the clover out into the community, especially in underserved areas,” said Pfromm. “One of the schools we haven’t done a whole lot with is UV.”

Seeing a disconnect between 4-H and UV, Pfromm said she and other 4-H educators seized the opportunity of having a new educator, Holly Bowen, who was brough on board in February. Having another educator on staff makes it easier for 4-H to expand programming, said Pfromm.


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